How it works!

The "Police Regional Office Cordillera Web-based Crime Mapping" allows the general public and the community to view up to date crime incidents within the region. We believe that providing this information to public will help in reducing the crimes in the region. Knowing where and when crimes happen allows the public to avoid being a victim by taking precautions when passing through those locations or taking alternative routes. The information provided online is limited to the basic attributes of the crime and does not expose the victim's identity or the suspect. Residents can also give tips or feedback regarding crimes and other issues to the Police force and the community. We strongly encourage the public to report crimes to the nearest Police Station within your location. This engages them to become partners in crime prevention and control.

Accessing the system

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You can access the system by typing the URL ( in your browser's address bar as shown in the figure below.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Police Regional Office Cordillera website where a link to the Web-based Crime Mapping is provided.

Using the system

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Using the map
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The system uses Google Maps to display crime locations. There are tools provided to easily navigate through the map. To locate a certain location, you can use a simple drag-and-drop technique. Move the cursor to an area within the map, click and keep the left mouse button held down while moving the cursor to the opposite of the area that you want to navigate. To zoom in, you can double click at a certain area or use your mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out. Alternatively, you can also use the tools provided in the map.

Changing Symbols/Icons
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We've provided two sets of Icons for you two choose. The system uses the Action icons as a default. Click on the Mini-icons button to switch to smaller, round and colored icons. Click on the Action icons button to revert to large icons.

Choosing Different Crime Types
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To focus your search or query for a particular crime, you can turn on or off the crime types that are displayed on the map. To do this, click a checkbox beside one of the crime types. Use the toggle button to Select or Deselect all crime types.

Search a location
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You can also focus your search near a location. Click on the Search Location button located at the lower left part of your screen. Type an address at the search bar provided as shown below. And wait for Google Maps to load and suggest locations. Highlight the location and click or hit enter.

You can further focus your search by providing a radius. Select the distance from the dropdown and wait for the system to load.

To remove radius, select the 'Select radius' option from the dropdown.

Filtering by Province
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Select specific province from the drop-down list to view only the crimes of that specific Province.

Select the 'Select Province' option to remove filter.

Filtering by Date
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You can also limit the crimes you want to view by specifying a date range. First, you must enter a 'From' or starting date which should be earlier than the 'To' or ending date. When you click on date field provided, a calendar will be provided. You must select a date and time, and then hit the 'Done' button. Use the 'Now' button to capture the current date and time. Hit the 'Refresh Map' button to apply date filter.See figure below.

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Each marker contains basic information about the crime. To view the information, click on a certain marker.

The info-window contains the Type of Crime, description and mode of commission, location of the crime, date and time, Police Station and the suspect's sketch, if available.
Below the map, the result of the queries/filters is shown with the date range. The default date range is 15 days earlier from the current date. A link to the comments page is also provided.

Give us Feedback Online
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You can go to our comments and suggestions here and let us know what you think. You must have a Disqus Account to comment. If you don't have an account, you can register to Disqus for free. Alternatively, you can log in using social networks such as Facebook and Google Plus.
You can also visit our website at

Other Layers

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We are looking forward to add more significant layers that will provide valuable information to the public. Click on the 'Other Layer' to view more layers.
Police Stations
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We have also provided the locations of the Police Offices within the region. Check the checkbox provided to turn on or turn off Police Stations on the map.